What are European Style Kitchen Cabinets?

In this article we are going to explain the definition of European Style Kitchen Cabinets – what they are, what makes them different, types, examples, benefits and differences.

European Style Kitchen Cabinets: What is it? 

European Style Kitchen Cabinets are a contemporary design trend that follows a simple highly, yet beautiful design. 

They are highly functional and take the most of the existing space in your room. 

Interior Designers love the European style because they can easily achieve a very trendy look with an elegant touch. 

Another great feature of European Style Kitchen Cabinets is the seamless integration. Anything is possible with them! You can custom made your entire kitchen, plan every aspect of the positioning, existing gaps between cabinets for sink, oven etc. All you need is a team of experts who know how to create the best product for you and bring you joy by renovating your kitchen in the best way possible! 

European Style Kitchen Cabinets vs. Traditional Style Kitchen Cabinets – Differences 

You may be wondering – so what’s the difference between European Style Kitchen Cabinets and Traditional Style Kitchen Cabinets?

  • European Cabinets are flat-panel and frameless. This modern look allows people to use more space and store more items in the drawers.
  • On European Cabinets drawers and doors are mount on the cabinets directly.
  • The flat panel (“Shaker style”) are very clean and minimalistic as opposed of raised panels. The main advantage is that they look more modern, simple and stylish than other models with ornaments on the surface. 

Other useful options include the cabinets’ ability to be built in with almost no effort and the way they are constructed. Some models have a back drop protection of some sort, too, so you don’t need to use ugly paneling behind them to protect your walls. 

European Style Kitchen Cabinets are all about convenience. They are more affordable than Traditional Style Kitchen Cabinets and are easier to maintain, reorganize, install and uninstall 

What are European Style Kitchen Cabinets?
What are European Style Kitchen Cabinets?

Benefits of European Style Kitchen Cabinets

The biggest benefit to this type of kitchen is increased cooking space. You can do a lot more in a European kitchen than in a standard kitchen. 

  • Modern 
  • Stylish 
  • Elegant 
  • Minimalistic 
  • High-Quality European Materials 
  • Easy to Install 
  • Saves you Space 
  • Allows you to store more Items 
  • Easy to match with Interior 
  • Easier to Clean 
  • Can be Easily Custom-Made For Your Needs 
  • More Affordable $$$$

Types of European Style Cabinets

There are different types of European Style Cabinets. The style depends on the surface’s finish. They can be divided to the following categories: 

  • Wood Textured 
  • Matt Finish 
  • Gloss 

No matter if wood textures, matt or gloss, these cabinets can be decorated with ease according to your taste as they have doors instead of drawers – so there’s no need to install handles or decorative plates like in a traditional kitchen. Instead, you can add a variety of decorations that fit your style. You can also have storage units (or baskets) underneath all the shelves that you use to store extra stuff such as pots or pans – so you don’t need to remove shelving unit after unit every time you want access to something new. 

The cabinets are available in a variety of colors and sizes depending on whether or not they are custom-made for your home’s exact dimensions and layout. You may find that the cabinets are too small or too big for your kitchen, though, so be careful when you measure and do it correctly. On Dremax’s website, you can find a great measuring guide for European Style Cabinets

What are European Style Kitchen Cabinets?

Why is the cabinet style called European?

The name does not come from the continent but is actually more about the style of cabinets used. There are no drawers in these cabinets and instead they have doors with shelves to store dishes or pots and pans. This means that there’s much more counter space and lots of display shelves for your plates, bowls, glasses, and other decorations. It’s like having your own kitchen showroom! 

European designers and cabinets are one of the most respected and influencing trendsetters and craftsmen in the world. They are admired for their innovative thinking and high-quality materials. European Manufacturers understand that today, functionality is a number one priority. 

Everyone is always on-the-go – constantly traveling, changing stay-in places, buying homes, selling them, investing in real estate etc. That’s why European designers decided to invent an interior kitchen solution that saves costs, looks stylish and allows people to easily design the home of their dreams. And this is how the European Style Kitchen Cabinets were born – custom made for your needs with only high-quality European materials. 

You won’t find extra stuff on these cabinets like handles, decor, or anything else like that. This also makes cleaning the kitchen easier as there are fewer places for crumbs to hide. If you’re interested in buying this style of cabinets for your upcoming remodel, you can read on to learn more on Dremax’s website about what they have to offer and how to go about getting them installed in your home. 

Dremax Kitchen Cabinets is one of the most successful stores for European Style Kitchen Cabinets. Our family-run business brings you high-quality European materials with affordable pricing. You can always look through our website and find the best contemporary designs for your place. Gather inspiration and don’t hesitate to contact us! We will reach back to you as soon as possible with a custom quote.  

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