RTA Cabinets vs. Custom Made: What to choose?

In this blog post, we will look at RTA and custom-made cabinets and compare both benefits and disadvantages. We will help you to choose the right furniture for your home within your budget. RTA vs. Custom Made Cabinets comparison.
RTA cabinets vs custom built

Let’s compare Ready to Assemble with Custom Built Cabinets! 

Ready To Assemble: What are RTA Cabinets? 

If you’re looking for a way to get organized, upgrade your countertops, and create more space around your kitchen and bathroom, then RTA cabinets may be the answer. With these durable units, you can easily assemble them to suit any room.  

Ready To Assemble (RTA) cabinets are designed with professional contractors in mind. They come with instructions on how to properly install the units and all of the necessary hardware for an easy installation process. 

However, there are some disadvantages when using RTA cabinets: 

Those are some of the main cons of having RTA cabinets.

RTA cabinets vs custom built
ready to assemble cabinets comparison
ready to assemble cabinets comparison

Are RTA cabinets good quality?

The quality of RTA cabinets depends on the manufacturer and the price range. 

All buyers must acknowledge that sometimes, their expectations may not meet the reality – especially when shopping online, people need to be very careful with their orders and measurements.  

Although online shopping provides many benefits when the product is not custom made, it is possible that the low price is at the expense of lower quality and trade-offs in the production process. That is why we advise you to always research the manufacturers before ordering

The most important part of choosing the right cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom is to trust companies that pay special attention to your project! 

If something is not custom built for you, it may not fit your style.


RTA Kitchen Cabinets: Pros and Cons

Ordering RTA kitchen cabinets comes with certain pros and cons. You should find the best deal that answers your needs and fits your budget.

Ready to assemble solutions can be very convenient for students and people who are renting an apartment in the short term.

RTA Cabinets PROs

RTA Cabinets Cons

Those are the main advantages and disadvantages of ordering ready-to-assemble Cabinets for your home.

Custom Made Cabinets: What is it?

As the name suggests, Custom Made Cabinets are designed to meet your needs. Designed by you and produced by your company of choice – that’s what makes them so unique.  

With custom-built cabinets you can customize everything, including the style of cabinets, doors, hardware and styles of drawers and doors. These cabinets are available in a range of woods.

These designs are 100% custom made to your specifications through careful selection of engineered wood, hardware and doors matching your taste. Experienced makers set out to create cabinets that match your tastes and needs – nothing less! From color matches, hardware options to even the type of wood used in making cabinets, all items offered by Dremax are designed specifically for you. 


RTA cabinets vs custom built

Benefits of Custom Made Cabinets for Bathroom, Kitchen and Closets

There are a lot of benefits of custom made cabinets – starting with the fact that those cabinets will fit your home like a glove! Another advantage is that:

  • You can submit any inquiry
  • You can choose from 100+ designs, colors, patterns
  • You can submit photos for inspiration
  • You can create your dream home from scratch!
  • Experienced designers will work for your project and your needs


How much do Custom-Made Cabinets cost?

The cost of custom-made cabinets varies from low to high range. The good news is that a lot of US-based companies can offer a great ratio of price: quality. Dremax Cabinets is a proud industry leader for top-notch cabinets & vanities at a budget-friendly price. The company is specialized in manufacturing custom-made cabinets for kitchen, closets, and bathroom cabinets and offers the best prices for affordable home furniture with high quality.  

We encourage all customers to find professional cabinet companies that don’t compromise on quality.  

RTA Cabinets vs. Custom Made Cabinets 

If you are looking for an affordable offer, the good news is that many traditional cabinetry designs can now be built using the standardized building blocks for RTA – you can design the perfect layout for your kitchen now and simply buy those components as needed. However, custom-made cabinets are a better investment in the long term.

Custom-Built cabinets are better for families and homeowners who want quality, excellence and functionality. Now let’s compare both options:



Custom Design

Unique 3D Visualization of your Home Project 

Unlimited Design Options 

Personal Approach 

High Quality Materialx 

RTA Cabinets 
Custom Made Cabinets by Dremax 

Ready-to-Assemble Cabinets or Custom Made Cabinets: What to choose?

If you’re still wondering – ready to assemble or custom made cabinets, we will try our best to help you out in choosing the right furniture for your home. 

When choosing the right cabinets for your bathroom, kitchen or your next closet, always follow this checklist: 

  • How experienced is the company? 
  • Are the prices fair, compared to the quality? 
  • Are there any available experts that can consult me? 
  • Will they help me out with the measurements? 
  • What are the design options? 
  • Is the team skilled enough to create what I need? 

Custom Built Kitchen Cabinets by Dremax

The high strength and durability of Dremax cabinets will help you define with style the space you need for your home without having to worry about disruption due to your installation and removal process. You can easily upgrade your countertops and create more space in your kitchen without having to hire contractors every time you want to change something in your interior. Dremax is your personal go-to designer that will create a free design and quote for your needs.  

Dremax Kitchen Cabinets can also help you out with measuring your home. Our experts are ready to follow your ideas. The company is an industry leader for custom-made kitchen cabinets in Wisconsin and Illinois. If you’re currently living in the area, our team will be happy to assist you and possibly help you out with the measurement on the spot! Just contact us. 

For Dremax personal approach and attention to detail are a #1 priority. 

With wide experience in custom cabinet making, you can rest assured that your new cabinets will be made of only the best quality. All custom-made cabinets are available in a variety of wood shades. Every item is designed to meet your specific needs while providing fully functional storage space for your home or office spaces or commercial building. 

There are no limits with custom-built kitchen cabinets by Dremax! 

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