5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen (Most Important Must-Knows)

This blog post will help you out in finding the perfect new design and style for your kitchen. Here are 5 tips that you should know when redesigning.
5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen
5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen
5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen

The kitchen is a room that’s often overlooked in the house, even though you most probably spend a lot of your time there. The truth is that if you want to make your space stand out, you’ll want to give it some thought before hiring an expert. And yes, we know its time consuming, but at the end – it’s all worth it.

In this blog article by Dremax we will cover the TOP 5 TIPS on Designing a Kitchen. These are a must-knows so pay attention!


TIP ON DESIGNING A KITCHEN #1: Consider your Lifestyle

Before you start to design your kitchen, you have to think about your lifestyle and why you need the space. Are you going to be entertaining, cooking for a family of five, or just making toast?

 Consider how much work you are going to put into your kitchen – if cooking is your hobby, you will probably want a lot of equipment that will be constantly in use and this will cost more; if your kitchen is just somewhere to prepare food, you might save some extra cash. 

These preliminary considerations can save you a lot of expenses. Try to answer these questions: 

If you do not spend too much time at home, it is important for you to have a functional kitchen rather than a high-end baroque-inspired interior. Especially if you live in a city, buying a new kitchen must be all about finding the most functional space as possible. And what better way to achieve this than by building a kitchen that’s as functional and affordable as it is stylish? 

That’s why you should look for affordable high-quality kitchen cabinets. 

5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen
5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen
5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen


Next up, you have to think about your needs. What do you need in the kitchen? The most obvious answer is, of course, a fridge. But let’s think about functionality, what are you going to use the kitchen for?

Start with the obvious cooking machines – a stove, a microwave, absorber, coffee machine, toaster etc. Then, of course, consider a place for your sink and maybe a dishwasher.

List all of your must-haves and then proceed into visualizing them at your place. This will help you out a lot and will make your next project way easier for design.

TIP ON DESIGNING A KITCHEN #3: Defining a Layout: The Kitchen Work Triangle 

Another important part of designing a kitchen is defining the right layout. 

What exactly is a kitchen layout? It is the position of all of the equipment in relation to one other. No matter what “shape” your layout is, you always have to keep in mind the “Kitchen Triangle Rule”. 

The Kitchen Triangle Rule is simple – always design your kitchen based on the triangle between 3 things:

5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen

By following the rule, you can structure your place by one of the following kitchen design layouts: 

This is an essential part of a kitchen design, and many people will spend hours trying to find the right layout. 


It’s extremely important to measure right.   

This may sound easy, but don’t underestimate the task – there are many tricks you probably don’t suspect of when measuring kitchen space.

Look for a guide to explain how to take the right measures. This will ensure that designers, architects, and manufactories will create kitchen cabinets that fit your space perfectly.

You certainly don’t want oversized or small cabinets! 

5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen
5 Tips on Designing A Kitchen

TIP ON DESIGNING A KITCHEN #5: Finding the Right Company 

Much like the way a house revolves around its foundation in order to stand strong, kitchens make use of their cabinetry to support their function as well. That’s why high-quality materials and production is important.

There are no cabinet design decisions that can be ignored: every detail of your kitchen must be built with attention, especially when you’re about to spend most of your time in this room, creating memories and sharing stories with your family and friends.

If you want to be satisfied with the final result and interior design, you have to find the right company for Kitchen Cabinets Production that can bring your project to life. 

Still searching for the one? Dremax Cabinets is the best kitchen cabinet provider for affordable high-quality interior. Our teams work with passion and can do anything – it’s all up to you.

Be wise when choosing the right kitchen cabinet and always know what you are aiming for. Think about how much space you have to work with, and what you want your final layout to look like. Follow your heart and start designing!

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